Linear Bearing Pillow Block SCS60UU

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This linear bearing pillow block is for CNC machines, 3D printers or any other sliding system that needs a robust linear motion.

The block is fitted with a quality bearing steel linear bearing to make it slide smoothly and quietly. This pillow block's inner diameter is 60 mm. It works with 60 mm diameter shafts. The pitches of the 4 mounting holes are 108 mm x 90 mm. Each hole is tapped for M10 machine screws for ease of installation.


Bearing Model: SCS60UU
Inner Diameter (d): 60 mm
T: 30 mm
h: 58 mm
E: 66 mm
Block Width (W): 132 mm
Block Length (L): 122 mm
Block Height (F): 114 mm
G: 94 mm
Mounting Hole Pitch (B): 108 mm
Mounting Hole Pitch (C): 90 mm
K: 12 mm
Mounting Hole (S1): M10
S2: 10.7 mm
L1: 25 mm
Dynamic Loading (CN): 4700 kg/m
Static Loading (CoN): 10000 kg/m